Supporting Child in Primary Education


Established in 2019, PAS - Plant A Seed - an early intervention organisation in Nottingham - works very closely alongside local schools, to help ensure children in primary education receive appropriate emotional, social and economic support. 


With a team of therapists, specially trained and qualified in the field of mental health, PAS' goal is to improve the child's wellbeing, home life, social development. We do this by enforcing positive learning and establishing strong boundaries within a safe space.

Educational support is critical, therefore we not only offer it to any child where possible, we also support the wider ecology around the child (e.g. school, parents, fellow peers).


Together, we can - and will - make a difference.



Our motto "Drip Feed to Succeed" comes from the idea of introducing small manageable changes to a person's routine overtime (drip-feed) to help encourage positive difference and personal growth.

PAS's small team of child psychologists create and adapt personalised plans to fit your child's needs. Our aim is to focus on the affected key areas - this can be anything from a child displaying aggression at school, to experiencing poor self-esteem issues. Our aim is to prepare young people in making the best life choices for themselves, their families and their communities. We value honesty, respect, and responsibility - and go above and beyond to instil these values into the minds of our community’s youth.

Small change, big difference.


We know every experience and situation a child faces is different from their peers, therefore, we offer a personalised plan which includes:

  • Mental health support for children in primary education

  • Improvement to school attendance.

  • Support with social and emotional needs.

  • Help with behaviour management - including coping techniques.

  • Personalised morning and evening routines.

  • Announced & unannounced home visits.

At PAS, we understand that with everything going on in the world, even small changes can be rather difficult to cope with. This is why we also offer support to the parents to help guide their children throughout the process.

More information can be found on our services page.

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We will always believe a child's wellbeing comes before any number or statistic, though we are incredibly proud to say we currently have:


Schools are currently enrolled directly with PAS.


Schools are being supported by PAS through collaboration with SBAP (South Broxtowe).


Children's lives improved due to PAS's personalised plans.



we have provided a variety of activities to all of our youth and have seen the direct benefits of the services we offer.


Explore the experiences of others.


We offer bespoke plans that aim to improve the child's wellbeing, both social and emotional, as well as helping to benefit the wider ecology.


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