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Founded in 2019, PAS - Plant A Seed is a small, yet growing, early intervention organisation located in Nottingham that works closely with schools and families to ensure children receive emotional and social support. Through our team of child psychologists, our main goal is to improve home life and help schools achieve high levels of attendance by promoting safeguarding and positive learning.

We do this by planting a seed of positive thinking in the cognition of the child and continuously drip-feed small thoughts of change, that helps the child as well as the wider ecology for the better. Our packages give the school and parents the tools they need to support and improve the child's behaviour, both at home and at school.

Our Approach

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What We Offer

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Here at PAS, the safety and wellbeing of every child is paramount. With unconditional care, we offer:

- Personalised plans tailored to each child's needs

- Help to improve attendance

- Supporting social and emotional needs

- Help with behaviour management

- Create morning and evening routines for the child

- Announced/unannounced home visits to check the child is safe and the plan is being implemented at home

And so much more...

At PAS, we understand that with everything going on in the world, even small changes can be rather difficult, so we also offer parental support to help guide their child along with the plan.

More information is given on what we offer on our services page.

Numbers Aren't Everything

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Here at PAS Plant A Seed, numbers aren't everything, but we are incredibly proud to say we currently have 6 schools enrolled on the service, whilst supporting an additional 25 schools in collaboration with SBAP (Schools Behaviour and Attendance Partnership - South Broxtowehave helped improve the lives of 68 children, and are continually expanding across Nottingham and soon into the surrounding regions of Derbyshire. We have also seen our service improve Ofsted ratings.

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About Us

At PAS Plant A Seed, we want to be your trusted partners in education, social wellbeing and growth for children.

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We offer two bespoke plans that aims to improve the child's wellbeing, both social and emotional, as well as helping to benefit the wider ecology.

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