Child Support and Learning

Experiencing difficulty with children facing exclusion?


We are a team of Social Workers, Education Psychologists and Social, Emotional, Behavioural Therapists who all aim to resolve the concerning behaviours of a child.

We plant a seed in the thinking of both the child and their family, we do that by drip feeding small thoughts to try and change the thinking of the child and their wider ecology. The Drip Feed package gives school staff and parents the tools they need to support and improve children's behaviour, both at home and at school.

Our Approach


What We Offer

Here at PAS Plant A Seed, the safety and wellbeing of children are paramount. Within Schools we:

- Help improve attendance

- Support social and emotional needs

- Help with behaviour management

- Support safeguarding

Additionally, we:

- Offer workshops for staff

- Additional safeguarding training

More information is given on what we offer on our services page.

Numbers Aren't Everything

Here at PAS Plant A Seed, numbers aren't everything, but we are incredibly proud to say we currently have 6 schools enrolled on the service, whilst supporting an additional 25 schools in collaboration with SBAP (Schools Behaviour and Attendance Partnership) have helped improve the lives of 68 children, and are continually expanding across Nottingham and soon into the surrounding regions of Derbyshire.

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