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  • Are you Child Social Care Services?
    No, we are not child social care services. We are an early intervention team that works in schools and at home to help children’s social emotional wellbeing to remove the need of social services.
  • What if our school can't afford the service?
    With the aid of PPG (Pupil Premium Grant), it allows the schools with smaller budgets to still buy into the service. This basically means that for each child enrolled at the school, they receive a small grant from the government. For more information about the PPG, visit We also offer a monthly payment plan if the school doesn't have enough available on the budget for one full payment.
  • Can the school buy directly into the service?
    Of course! We actually encourage schools to buy directly.
  • Are you a publicly funded council service?
    No, we are a private organisation that works alongside council-funded services such as MASH. To find out more, please visit
  • Do you belong to SBAP?
    No, we are not part of SBAP, but we do work closely with South Broxtowe. For more information visit
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