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At PAS - Plant A Seed, we know that the emotional wellbeing of a child is a paramount concern. As some schools struggle with funding and resources, they, unfortunately, cannot give the help required. This is where we come in.

On average, a school spends between £15,000- £30,000, and sometimes even £40,000+, on one-to-one support and a family support worker, yet with PAS you get the support for a fraction of the price. Depending on the scheme your school chooses to purchase, it may only cost a fraction of the normal budget for a year's access to qualified professionals in areas including; safeguarding, behaviour management, school attendance and emotional wellbeing.



Child at Psychologist

25 referrals per academic year


- 1 x three-hour teacher training session (morning/afternoon) per academic year to raise either safeguarding awareness or behavioural management-choice at SLT discretion.


- Support in key areas of low school attendance, social and emotional wellbeing, behavioural management and safeguarding.

- Personalised plans to support the child's growth

- Announced and unannounced home visits


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Unlimited* referrals per academic year


- 2 x three-hour teacher training sessions (morning/afternoon) per academic year to support staff development in areas of safeguarding and behavioural management.


- 2 x one-hour core skills training for all staff per academic year in areas of social and emotional well-being and behavioural management.

- Support in key areas of low school and attendance, social-emotional well-being, behavioural management and safeguarding.

- Personalised plans to support the child's growth

- Announced and unannounced home visits

The programs at PAS are created specifically to meet the needs of both children and families through measurable goals and objectives. We focus on building off of the strengths of each child, taking advantage of every teachable moment. Overall, these plans give building blocks to the children and family to help form and develop a safe and caring environment.

We also offer:

- Holiday support

- Ofsted improvement

- Parental support

- Tailor-made plans to fit your school's budget

Interested? Press 'Enquire Now', fill out the form and a member of staff will respond within 24 hours

89%* of headteachers and SEN leaders thought the service was easily affordable.

* after checking through PPG

Our Outcomes:

90% of headteachers already on this service said they would recommend PAS to other schools.

4 out of 5 families say they benefitted from this service.

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"PAS has played a crucial role in ensuring families are safe when our school is closed. It has been beneficial having the team local so they can carry out visits to our most vulnerable families on a regular basis"



"Personally, I love this service! They offer so much, yet ask for so little in return. Wonderful people with an even better service"



"Excellent Service, extremely fast with a response. My child has made so much progress since the therapist has been working with him."


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