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Our Team:

Child Psychologist


By using the six core principles of safeguarding (Empowerment, Prevention, Proportionality, Protection, Partnership and Accountability), our safeguarding team makes sure every case is treated with confidence and discretion.


Emotional Wellbeing:

Our therapist and support team make it their aim to promote emotional and social wellbeing. Upon first meeting the child, the team will create a bespoke custom plan to help meet all the needs.

Woman Tutoring Child

School Attendance:

As school attendance is often a concern for most parents, our goal is to improve referred children’s attendance within 12 weeks using a customisable yet sustainable long-term plan. We support morning and bedtime routines.

Child at Psychologist

Behaviour Management:

By using positive and constructive approaches, we aim to guide the affected child's behaviour towards a better outlook.


Admin – Taking all phone calls, the administration team supports the wider team and handles each case with care and discretion, ensuring all information is confidential.


Support Staff – Primarily working with children and families, both in schools and homes, the support staff apply a therapeutic approach to help create behaviour plans and goals (with incentives) to better the child’s attendance and behaviour and improve home life.

Marketing Team – Through the art of collaboration, the marketing and sales team help share and promote Plant A Seed’s core message within schools in the area of Greater Nottingham, and beyond.

Collectively, the team at PAS - Plant A Seed works tirelessly to create nicer home and school environments for children, improve child behaviours, and offer parental support.

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