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Story 2 - From the child's perspective


"Hi, my name is Harry. I have a big and a little sister and we live at home with our Mummy while our Daddy serves in the army.


I miss Daddy because sometimes mummy sleeps too much, so I don't go to school.


My teacher said he was worried about me and then they visited the house but Mummy would tell me and my sisters to keep quiet and not answer the door. One time, I even had to hide in a cupboard.


Since I was not going to school, the school made a referral to PAS. PAS came to my house to help create a plan with Mummy to make sure I go to school on time. PAS also came at night to make sure we go to sleep on time. When the PAS worker came, Mummy was very angry and mean to them and would tell us not to answer the door. She shouted at me.


During a school day I was very upset and told the PAS worker I saw my Mummy hiding behind her wardrobe and taking drugs. I was scared Mummy would get hurt since men came to the house and threatened to kill Mummy if she did not give them money.


My PAS worker spoke to my Daddy and now my sisters and I live with my Daddy and we feel safe.


I still see Mummy when she comes to visit me."

*All of the names have been changed to protect identities.

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