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Story 1- From the mother's perspective


"I was struggling... finding it impossible to keep it all together. I knew I had a problem, but I didn't realise how bad it became. I would often wake up, hungover out of my mind, after almost a day had passed. I struggled every day because I couldn't support my seven-year-old son, Charlie.


I was often told by my friends I have a problem and that I needed to be careful, otherwise Charlie would be permanently taken away from me. Charlie is my world, but when I had to decide between my world or alcohol, the alcohol seemed to always take priority - a feeling I felt so guilty for.


One teacher from Charlie's local school expressed serious concerns about his wellbeing and safeguarding. Someone even threatened action from social services. As a mother who deeply cares about her child, I found those news extremely disheartening and scary.


Amazingly, one of my friends recommended seeing if the school uses PAS, and they mentioned they didn't. I persuaded the school to at least give the service a go, and I'm extremely glad I did.


PAS did a home visit to see me and Charlie, and we collectively decided it was best for Charlie to be placed in temporary care with a family member while I carried out a 60-day alcohol reduction plan. Placing my son in a safer environment helped him come out of his shell and speak up more about his issues. After completing the plan, we have been reunited and I am eternally grateful to PAS for returning my world to me."


*All of the names have been changed to protect identities.

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