Our Mission:

Through early intervention we are able to create an environment that values and encourages children's uniqueness, which is why we provide and support opportunities that allow them to grow emotionally, socially and creatively. By starting with the family environment, we can drip-feed small ideas that form the building block of each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities. Although we guide each child to explore the world around them as well as develop new abilities and form close relationships, we also work closely with a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), South Broxtowe SBAP (Schools Behaviour and Attendance Partnership), SENCOs, headteachers, and members of the child's close family. Our mission is to help all children in need within Nottingham, and soon, Derbyshire.

Our Teams:


Emotional Well-being Team

Therapist supports the school SENCO using environmental strategies to support children's needs before any diagnosis from CAMHS. Can work within school or family's home to make small changes to support children's individual learning needs.

Child Psychologist

Safeguarding Team

Work with families whose children do not meet the threshold of social care services. Undertake home visits during school holidays including out of hours/weekend visits to support more vulnerable families.

Woman Tutoring Child

School Attendance Team

Improve school attendance by supporting morning and bedtime routines at home. Our goal is to improve referred children's attendance within 12 weeks using a sustainable long-term plan.

Child at Psychologist

Behaviour Management Team

Experienced and qualified behavioural therapists manage challenging behaviours in children. Work with family and child using an approach to support behavioural change.


Admin – Taking all phone calls, the administration team supports the wider team and handles each case with care and discretion, ensuring all information is confidential.


Support Staff – Primarily working with children and families, both in schools and homes, the support staff apply a therapeutic approach to help create behaviour plans and goals (with incentives) to better the child’s attendance and behaviour and improve home life.

Marketing Team – Through the art of collaboration, the marketing and sales team help share and promote Plant A Seed’s core message within schools in the area of Greater Nottingham, and beyond.

Collectively, the team at PAS - Plant A Seed works tirelessly to create nicer home and school environments for children, improve child behaviours, and offer parental support.

Our Stories:

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David works as a headteacher in a local school. He noticed a child acting out and struggling, which was very strange considering this child was normally quiet. After investigating further, there were issues at home and PAS got involved and help turn things around.

Natalie struggled most of her life with alcohol problems. Her son Charlie, who was only 7, was often neglected and hurt in the process. PAS intervened to help safeguard Charlie, as well as placing Natalie on an alcohol reduction plan.

Molly is a SEN teacher who works with a wide variety of children with challenging behaviours and often notices reoccurring patterns in one individual. She referred the child to PAS and they did multiple visits to the home and noticed problems instantly.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of these individuals

* after checking through PPG

Our Outcomes:

90% of headteachers already on this service said they would recommend PAS to other schools.

4 out of 5 families say they benefitted from this service.

89%* of headteachers and SEN leaders thought the service was easily affordable.

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